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Retirement Insights

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Should I Buy a Vacation Home?

With thoughtful planning and informed decision-making, you can determine whether investing in a vacation home is the right choice for you and your retirement lifestyle.
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What is the Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT)?

What is the Net Investment Income Tax, and how does it affect retirees? This tax was introduced as part of the Affordable Care Act in 2013 and applies to individuals
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Maximize Retirement Savings with a Health Savings Account (HSA)

As retirement planning becomes increasingly complex, one vehicle is gaining attention for its potent blend of savings and tax advantages: the Health Savings Account (HSA), often dubbed the “medical IRA.”
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Understanding the Tax Efficiency of Your Investments

As an investor, one of the most critical aspects of managing your finances is understanding the tax implications of your investments. Let's explore how tax-efficient your investments are and what
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January 2024 Market Update

Markets staged an impressive reversal in the fourth quarter thanks to a surprise dovish pivot by the Federal Reserve, which combined with solid economic activity and declining inflation to push
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Why Portfolio Rebalancing Matters

One way a retiree should keep their finances in tune is through something called “portfolio rebalancing.” Let’s dive into what this is all about and why it’s a handy tool
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