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Experience financial freedom.

Investment management during retirement shouldn’t distract you from your top priorities in life.

Who is JGR Financial Solutions?

JGR Financial Solutions is a fee-only, fiduciary financial advisor in Canton, Ohio serving retirees across the country. Financial planning and investment management services may address many questions you have during retirement, including:

The Difference

See what sets my services apart.


I am only compensated by you. This transparent, fee-only structure ensures I provide objective advice with your best interests in mind. I have no products to sell and receive no commissions or hidden fees.


I work solely for you. I am not an agent or representative of any company. In fact, I’ve signed a fiduciary oath that states I will always put your best interests first.


“One size fits all” solutions shouldn’t exist when it comes to financial planning and investment management. Together, we identify your unique goals and feelings about risk to create a plan that works for you.


Good ideas without proper explanation and follow through are merely wasted thoughts. It’s important you understand the “how” and “why” of each idea so action can be taken to implement the recommendations.


Financial planning goes beyond the numbers on a page. Let’s identify what’s really important in your life so you can enjoy the freedom a financial plan provides to focus on those high priority areas.


Financial planning isn’t just for people with significant wealth. If you’re retired, you should have access to unbiased investment management and financial planning advice.

About Justin

Hi, I’m Justin and welcome to JGR Financial Solutions. As we get to know one another, I hope one thing will be obvious…I am passionate about providing personal financial planning solutions in terms you can understand!

I serve a broad range of clients, but have special expertise to address the unique needs of retirees. I believe the combination of financial planning and investment management provides the roadmap to meet your financial goals, as well as the necessary accountability, education, encouragement, and course correction strategies along the way.

Are you a retiree concerned you’ll outlive your money?

 Maybe you have questions about income taxes, investments, Social Security, or Medicare? Perhaps retirement is right around the corner and you’re not sure how you’ll access your money to pay your bills?

Investment management and financial planning will enable you to focus your time and energy on the things in your life that matter most. If you are serious about taking control of your finances, let’s talk!